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graduation hairstyles for long hair

Graduation day is coming up, and if you have long hair, you might wonder how to style it under your cap. Miki Hayes, a fashion magazine writer, gives a detailed guide to graduation hairstyles for long hair. She includes easy DIY styles that work well with or without the cap.

Looking for prom updos, braided hairstyles, curled hairstyles, or ceremony hairstyles? You’ve come to the right place. Miki shows off 10 amazing and easy hairstyles. These include beachy waves, braids, sleek looks, low buns, and more. You’ll also find tutorials and product tips to help. With Miki’s advice, you can master the graduation hair trends and feel great for your big day.

Key Takeaways

  • Miki Hayes provides 10 stunning graduation hairstyle ideas for long hair, including beachy waves, braids, sleek styles, and more.
  • The article emphasizes that these styles are easy to create at home with just a few key products.
  • Graduates can achieve chic looks that work both with and without the graduation cap.
  • Techniques are shared to prevent and fix dreaded “cap hair” dents for a seamless final appearance.
  • The guide covers a range of graduation hair trends, from formal updos to natural, textured styles.

Beachy Waves for a Casual Yet Chic Look

Beachy waves work great for long hair, especially for graduations. Victoria’s Secret-worthy waves can be made with or without heat. This offers grads a wide range of choices for their special day.

Achieve Effortless Victoria’s Secret-Worthy Waves

You can get stunning beachy waves by styling with heat or without. Miki shares that getting effortless waves is more simple than you think. This way, you can look great at your graduation.

Style with or Without Heat

Miki mentions that waves without heat or waves with heat are both good options for beachy waves. You can air dry or use a curling iron. This gives grads many ways to get the waves they want.

Side Braids: Pretty and Practical

side braids

Graduates with long hair looking for a chic, practical style will love side braids. Miki Hayes tells us that adding a fishtail braid or rope braid makes them fancy. Yet, their true charm is in how you can make them look fuller or wavy by just undoing the braid. This trick gives a whole new dimension to your style.

Fishtail or Rope Braids for a Fancy Touch

Take your side braids from nice to standout by trying a fishtail braid or rope braid. Miki recommends trying these for a stylish look on graduation day. They might look complex, but with a bit of practice, you’ll find they’re quite manageable.

Loosen the Braid for Added Volume and Waves

Miki also suggests going for a more laid-back feel by softly loosening the braid. This tweak can make your side braids full and wavy. It’s a simple strategy for looking great under your graduation cap. Just remember, it’s all about finding the perfect balance.

For their graduation, long-haired students have a smart choice in side braids. From a neat fishtail to a loose braid, there’s much you can do with this style. No doubt, it will be a standout feature on your special day.

Sleek and Straight for a Polished Appearance

Want to look amazing on graduation day? Fashion expert Miki Hayes has a tip. She says go for sleek straight hair. To keep your hair healthy, use a heat protectant before straightening. Add a bit of shine serum for a shiny finish. This classic style works great with or without your graduation cap.

Use Heat Protectant for Healthy Locks

Miki stresses the importance of protecting your hair. Before you straighten, use a heat protectant. It keeps your healthy hair shiny and strong all day long.

Add Shine Serum for a Glossy Finish

Want even more shine? Miki suggests shine serum. This product makes your sleek straight hair glow. You’ll look and feel fantastic.

Low Buns to Beat the Heat

low buns

If you’re expecting a hot graduation day, consider a stylish low bun for your long hair. It keeps your hair off your neck. This chic, yet useful, hairstyle is perfect for those sunny ceremonies.

Incorporate Braids for Extra Drama

Miki suggests adding a braided touch to your low buns for more flair. You might choose a delicate fishtail or a standout braided bun. Incorporating braids makes your style eye-catching for graduation day.

Opting for low buns for heat keeps you both cool and sharp. You get comfort without sacrificing look, thanks to smart styling. These buns let you add braids, tailoring your style to suit your unique taste and the occasion.

Texturized Low Ponytails: Simple Yet Chic

textured ponytail

Looking for the perfect graduation hair? Try a low ponytail with a bit of texture. Miki Hayes says it’s not only easy to do but also looks great under the cap.

Curl or Tease for Added Texture

Want your low ponytail to stand out? Miki suggests adding texture by curling or teasing. You can choose soft curled ponytail waves or a teased ponytail for extra volume and movement.

Wrap a Strand Around the Elastic for a Seamless Look

To get a sleek, wrapped ponytail look, Miki says to hide the hair tie. Just wrap a piece of hair around it. This trick will make your low ponytail shine on graduation day.

Tight Curls for Bouncy Glamour

tight curls

Want a bouncy, glamorous look for graduation? Miki Hayes says go for tight curls. These curls will give your hair more volume and drama. They’ll keep you looking and feeling fabulous as you mark this big day.

Use a One-Inch Barrel for Perfect Ringlets

Miki recommends a one-inch curling iron for ringlet curls. This size makes ideal bouncy curls to beautifully frame your face. Remember, wrap small hair sections around the barrel. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then let go.

Finish with Hairspray for Long-Lasting Hold

To keep your tight curls perfect for the whole ceremony, use lots of hairspray. This step seals the ringlet curls in place. With this strong hold, you can enjoy dancing and cheering without your hairdo worrying you.

graduation hairstyles for long hair with a Pop of Color

Miki Hayes points out that adding colored hair can make your graduation hairdo exciting. Maybe color all your hair or just add highlights. You could even try peek-a-boo colored strands which hide most dyed hair under the graduation cap yet are visible enough to make a statement.

All-Over Color or Highlighted Streaks

Feeling daring? Miki recommends transforming all your hair with color. You could choose a bright shade for your entire head. Or, just add highlights to certain parts for a glance-catching effect. No matter the choice, your look will stand out.

Peek-a-Boo Colored Strands Under the Cap

For something more modest, Miki advises peek-a-boo colored strands under your cap. This way, you can enjoy a splash of dyed hair without overhauling your whole head. It adds some personality to your graduation style without taking away from your big day.

Accent Braids for a Touch of Flair

If coloring your hair for graduation isn’t your thing, Miki Hayes has a tip. She suggests using accent braids for a touch of style. These small braids or large braids can add texture to your look. And, they don’t require a big commitment.

Tight and Small or Loose and Big

There are many styles of accent braids. You can pick from tight, small braids to loose, big ones. It all depends on what you like and what look you’re going for.

For something subtle, go for tight accent braids. For a more bold look, choose large braids. Both options are a great way to make your hairstyle special for graduation.

Natural Hairstyles: Embrace Your Texture

Got long hair and want a cool, easy natural hairstyle? Miki Hayes has your back. You can use texturizing sprays and shine products to make your hair look great. This way, your hair’s real beauty will stand out on your big day.

Enhance with Texturizing Sprays and Shine Products

Want more style in your natural hair look? Miki recommends using texturizing sprays. You mix them to get a look that’s both set and soft. They keep your hair looking great. You can also use shine products for healthy and shiny textured hair.

By going with your hair’s natural texture, you’ll save time. Plus, you’ll show your confidence and self-acceptance. It’s a simple route to looking and feeling gorgeous on your big day.


This article shared many cool graduation hairstyles for long hair. It included beachy waves, polished braids, and shiny curls. You can also go for bright colors if that’s more your thing. There are lots of choices to make your big day special and stylish.

Graduates with long hair can follow our easy guides and use our recommended products. By doing so, you can create these trendy looks at home. No matter what style you pick, you will surely stand out and feel amazing during this big day.

Getting ready to graduate is a big deal. Your hairstyle is a chance to show who you are. So, love your long hair and let it show your style on your graduation day!


What are some easy hairstyles for long hair on graduation day?

The article provides 10 DIY hairstyle ideas for long hair that work great with graduation caps. This includes styles like beachy waves and side braids. You can also try sleek and straight looks, low buns, and low ponytails. Tight curls, colored streaks, accent braids, and natural styles are options, too. These are easy and quick to do at home with a few products.

How can I get effortless beachy waves for my graduation hairstyle?

Beachy waves are perfect for a graduation day look. The article explains how to get them using heat or without heat. You can use curling irons or go heatless, like with braids, for a stylish finish.

What are some stylish braid options for my graduation hairstyle?

Braids like fishtail or rope braids make a great graduation hairstyle for long hair. The article suggests doing side braids for a pretty and easy look. You can make these braids look full and textured by loosening them up. They’re simple but will look like you spent a lot of time on them.

How can I get a polished, sleek and straight hairstyle for graduation?

For a sleek graduation look, the article recommends straight hair. It advises using a heat protectant before straightening. Adding shine serum can give your hair a glossy finish and protect it from the heat.

What hairstyle is good for keeping my hair off my neck on a hot graduation day?

If it’s warm on graduation day, keeping your hair off your neck is a good idea. The article suggests a low bun. You can make it more interesting by adding a braid. Low buns keep you cool and look great with long hair.

How can I add some texture and style to a simple low ponytail for graduation?

Low ponytails are a chic option for graduation. The article suggests adding texture by curling or teasing your ponytail. Try wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic for a neat finish.

What kind of curls would be a good choice for a glamorous graduation hairstyle?

For a glamorous touch, tight curls are a great graduation choice. The article suggests using a one-inch curling iron for perfect curls. Finish with hairspray to keep your curls looking great all day.

How can I add a pop of color to my graduation hairstyle?

Adding color can make your graduation look unique. The article suggests you can color your hair, add highlights, or do peek-a-boo strands. These will stand out under your cap.

What are some ways to customize my graduation hairstyle without a major commitment?

If you don’t want to dye your hair, accent braids are a good option. They can be tight or loose, depending on what you like. This adds a fun touch to your hairstyle.

How can I make my natural hair texture look great for graduation?

The article recommends going with your natural hair texture for graduation. Use sprays and products that enhance your hair’s movement and shine. This way, you let your natural beauty shine through.

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