How to Get the Trendy Jellyfish Hairstyle for 2024

How to Get the Trendy Jellyfish Hairstyle for 2024

The jellyfish hairstyle is leading in 2024, blending messy elegance and effortless chic. Inspired by the Japanese hime cut, it mixes a stylish blunt bob with a fun mullet. The top part is cut short and sharp, like a bob, while the bottom layer is kept long and textured. This combo gives a jellyfish-like effect. On TikTok, this cool style has over 3.7 billion views. Pinterest says ‘jellyfish haircut’ searches will jump by 615% this year. Gen Z and Millennials are loving this squishy aesthetic.

Key Takeaways

  • The jellyfish hairstyle combines a chic blunt bob with a playful mullet for a unique, messy-chic look.
  • This trend has gained massive popularity on TikTok and is predicted to see a significant increase in searches on Pinterest.
  • The jellyfish hairstyle is characterized by short, blunt upper layers and long, textured lower layers, creating a jellyfish-like effect.
  • Gen Z and Millennials are driving the “squishy aesthetic” of the jellyfish hairstyle trend.
  • Achieve this effortless, voluminous updo with the help of texturizing products and heat styling techniques.

What is the Jellyfish Hairstyle?

The jellyfish hairstyle gets its look from the way jellyfish move in the sea. It’s made by cutting the hair into layers that fall like jellyfish’s tentacles. The top part looks short and blunt, like a bob, and the lower part is long and textured. This makes it seem like the hair is flowing, just like a jellyfish in the water.

Origins of the Jellyfish Haircut

The idea of the jellyfish look comes from a classic Japanese hime cut. This style has a short, blunt front, and a longer back that’s full of layers. Mixing in features of both bob and mullet haircuts, the jellyfish haircut stands out. It’s designed to echo the smooth and elegant moves of jellyfish in the sea.

Blending the Bob and Mullet

The jellyfish hairstyle combines aspects of the bob with the mullet. The upper hair is kept short and straight, just like a stylish bob cut. In contrast, the hair at the bottom hangs longer, giving it a funky, mullet-like vibe. This mix of lengths is what makes the jellyfish hairstyle really unique and eye-catching.

The Layered, Cascading Effect

To get the jellyfish look, the hair is cut into layers that move like jellyfish tentacles. These layers are carefully placed to show a sense of flow and motion. The longer part at the bottom falls over the shorter top part. This creates a style that looks like it’s alive, mimicking the way jellyfish move underwater.

The Rise of the Jellyfish Hairstyle Trend

The jellyfish hairstyle is taking over TikTok silently. People have been searching for ‘jellyfish haircut’ a lot. This search has already reached over 3.7 billion views. It has short and long elements that let you play with your hair’s texture, shape, length, and color.

Popularity on TikTok and Social Media

The jellyfish haircut is a big hit on TikTok. It has caught the eye of those who love beauty and trends. TikTok’s lively community has found joy in its unique look. This has made the hairstyle even more popular.

Pinterest Predicts the Jellyfish Aesthetic

Recent Pinterest Predicts data suggests the jellyfish aesthetic will explode by 2024. It found a 615% increase in searches for ‘jellyfish haircut’ recently. Gen Z and Millennials particularly like this look. Besides inspiring beauty ideas, it’s influencing home decor and fashion too.

How Does It Differ From a Mullet or Shag?

The jellyfish hairstyle stands out from the mullet and shag. It’s more disconnected and dramatic. While all three have short tops and longer bottoms, the jellyfish haircut takes it further. It has extra separation between layers, making it eye-catching.

Contrasting Layers and Lengths

The jellyfish hairstyle looks like jellyfish tentacles with its flowing layers. The top is short, and the bottom is long, creating a big difference. This makes the look more unique and interesting than a usual mullet or shag.

The Dramatic, Disconnected Flair

The jellyfish hairstyle is uniquely bold and disconnected. Its layers are designed to stand out, echoing a jellyfish’s grace. This boldness makes the jellyfish haircut a top choice for those who love fashion.

Asking for the jellyfish hairstyle at the Salon

jellyfish hairstyle cutting process

Looking for a stunning jellyfish hairstyle at your salon? Come prepared with pictures. Make sure they match your hair and face well. This ensures you’ll get a great result.

Bringing Reference Pictures

Get lots of good images of the jellyfish cut. This helps your stylist see what you want. Also, it lets them adjust the cut to fit your hair and style.

The Cutting Process

The jellyfish cut starts by trimming the top layer. It’s cut short all around to look like a jellyfish’s rounded top. The bottom layer stays longer, like its tentacles, completing the sea creature look.

Who Can Rock the Jellyfish Haircut?

The jellyfish haircut works well for many people. It fits all kinds of hair, like long or short, and straight or curly. Even if your hair is coily, it’ll look good. This style adds something special to your overall look.

Adaptability for Different Hair Types

The jellyfish hairstyle is great because it suits various hair types. The level of layering can be changed to match the heaviness or lightness of your hair. Fine hair might see a gentler layering, while thick hair can enjoy a full, free-flowing effect.

Customizing for Your Face Shape

This hairstyle can also match your face shape. A skilled stylist will adjust the layers and lengths to suit you. It can complement faces that are round, square, oval, or heart-shaped. The jellyfish cut helps bring out your best features.

Styling the Jellyfish Haircut at Home

Did you know the jellyfish haircut is easy to manage at home? For more body and to highlight the haircut’s layers, you can use volumizing sprays and texturizing creams. Also, blow dryers and flat irons make the style better by adding definition and movement.

Products for Volume and Texture

To get the perfect jellyfish look, use volumizing sprays and texturizing creams. These will make your hair look thicker and move like the haircut’s layers.

Heat Styling Techniques

Is your jellyfish cut ready for more? Then, use a blow dryer and flat iron. Blow drying will give your hair lift and rolling waves, achieving a look inspired by jellyfish movements. This brings out the cut’s texture and style even more.

Incorporating Braids and Color

Want more edge? Try adding braids and bold colors to your jellyfish cut. Braids bring out the cut’s layered look, while bright colors highlight its unique shape. Make your jellyfish style stand out by mixing in these fun techniques.

Jellyfish Haircut Inspiration

The jellyfish hairstyle trend has become very popular. It has won the hearts of those who love cool hair. This style shows off layers that look magical and come in bright, fun colors. It also lets you style your hair in many different ways. If you look on Instagram, you’ll see lots of beautiful photos of people who have tried this unique hairstyle.

Some styles look smooth and tidy, similar to a jellyfish’s soft tentacles. Others go for a more wild look, like the waves on a beach. These images are great if you’re thinking of changing your hairstyle to something like the jellyfish hairstyle.

If you like bright colors or prefer something more toned down, the Jellyfish Haircut is for you. It’s all about connecting with the spirit of the sea and adding that to your hair. By looking at these fantastic pictures, you might feel inspired to try this look and stand out with your own unique style.

Maintaining the Jellyfish Hairstyle

Keeping the jellyfish hairstyle at its peak means getting regular trims. Doing this helps keep the layers fresh and stops split ends. This style needs some extra love to stay eye-catching and full of movement.

Regular Trims

For the best look, make sure to trim the jellyfish hairstyle every 6-8 weeks. This keeps its unique layers intact and stops any messy ends interfering with the style. Regular upkeep will make your jellyfish hairstyle stand out, with all its bold contrasts and flow.

Color-Preserving Hair Care

Along with trims, using top-notch color-preserving hair care products is a must. Choose hydrating masks, shampoos without sulfate, and heat protectants. They will help keep your hair healthy and your color bright. This care makes your jellyfish hairstyle stunning and guarantees it gets noticed.

Taking good care of your hair is essential to showcase the jellyfish hairstyle’s unique elements. It keeps drawing people in with its captivating, ocean-like beauty.

The Versatility of the Jellyfish Cut

Jellyfish Hairstyle

The Jellyfish Haircut fits different hair types and lengths. For those with long hair, layers bring a beautiful look. This way, the jellyfish hairstyle shines brightly.

Styling Options for Long Hair

If you have long hair, rock the Jellyfish Haircut. Let the layers move naturally, resembling water. Add styles like beach waves, making it look like jellyfish tentacles.

Adapting for Shorter Lengths

Even short hair can work with the jellyfish hairstyle. Use layers to give it life and volume. This keeps the cut’s essence alive no matter the hair length. It’s a great way to show off your style and hair’s natural look.

Embracing the Oceanic Spirit

Adopting the jellyfish hairstyle means more than just changing your look. It celebrates being unique and the beauty of the deep sea. This style helps people show off their inner oceanic spirit. It brings a bit of undersea magic to your daily life.

The Jellyfish Cut as Self-Expression

Love the beach or prefer the city? The jellyfish hairstyle is for anyone who craves something distinctive. It’s a bold choice that shows who you are. It connects you to the awe of the ocean.

Channeling Beach and Aquatic Vibes

Wearing the jellyfish hairstyle lets you feel free like the beach and mysterious like the sea. Its layers mimic a jellyfish’s graceful moves. This style is a fun way to let your oceanic spirit stand out.


The Jellyfish Haircut is a symbol of creativity. It challenges people to dive into their imagination. This style changes how we look at personal expression through our hair. It uses its flowing layers, fun colors, and the ability to style uniquely. Thus, going beyond the usual styles, it calls on everyone to find their sea-inspired self.

Explore the jellyfish hairstyle and let your creativity flow. It transforms your hair into an ocean dance, showing the beauty of hair transformation and the magic of the sea. This unique style lets you stand out. It reflects your original personality and fashion sense.

Choose the Jellyfish Haircut and see your hair move like ocean waves. It will push others to try new hair paths. The innovative future of hair belongs to brave explorers. The Jellyfish Haircut is a great first step in your unique hair adventure.


What is the Jellyfish Hairstyle?

The Jellyfish Hairstyle mixes a blunt bob with a fun mullet. It looks layered and flows like a jellyfish’s graceful movements.

How did the Jellyfish Hairstyle become a trend?

It became popular on TikTok with over 3.7 billion views. Pinterest predicts a big jump in searches, thanks to Gen Z and Millennials loving its unique style.

How does the Jellyfish Hairstyle differ from a Mullet or Shag?

The Jellyfish Hairstyle is more extreme than a Mullet or Shag. It has a big difference in length from short on top to long at the bottom. This makes it very eye-catching.

What should I consider when asking for the Jellyfish Hairstyle at the salon?

Bring lots of pictures of the Jellyfish Hairstyle to your hair appointment. Choose ones that look like your hair type. This will help the stylist understand what you want.

Who can rock the Jellyfish Haircut?

Anyone can wear the Jellyfish Haircut, regardless of their hair type. A good stylist can adjust it to fit your hair, face, and style. It’s a look that works for many people.

How can I style the Jellyfish Haircut at home?

Use products that add volume and texture to style your hair at home. Heating tools like blow dryers and flat irons can help. Also, try adding braids and unique colors for a special touch.

How do I maintain the Jellyfish Hairstyle?

Getting regular trims keeps the look neat and prevents split ends. Use quality hair products to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. This will make your style last longer.

How versatile is the Jellyfish Haircut?

The Jellyfish Haircut fits many hair types and lengths. Longer hair can show off beautiful layers that flow. Even short hair can enjoy the style with the right layers for volume and movement.

What does the Jellyfish Hairstyle represent?

The Jellyfish Haircut is more than a style; it’s a form of self-expression. It celebrates the beauty and mystery of the sea. Wearing this style is like bringing the ocean’s magic to life.

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