Summer 2024’s Hottest Nail Trends

Summer 2024’s Hottest Nail Trends

The warmer weather is coming, and that means it’s time to look at bright, bold beauty trends for summer 2024. This year, exciting nail art designs are the highlight. They bring a fun and sunny feel, making everyone smile. You can try new color palettes, add shine with chrome 2.0, or give a cool twist to the French manicure. There’s so much to try. Vogue has the top nail ideas for 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Vibrant, playful nail art designs will be huge, including metallic jelly nails and kitschy cherry nail art
  • Pastel nail colors and aqua shades are set to dominate the summer 2024 nail palette
  • Trends like puffy 3D nail art and minimalist geometric patterns offer endless opportunities for self-expression
  • Beach-inspired nails and floral motifs will capture the carefree spirit of the season
  • Staying on top of the latest nail art and color forecasts will help you slay the summer with trendy, stylish nails

Vibrant and Playful Nail Art Designs

In summer 2024, the metallic jelly nail look will be huge. Nail artist Aja Walton says shades of silver, rose gold, and copper over jelly nudes will be in. These clear, multicolor-shifting sheer nail polish shades will shine like a beam. They come in trendy colors, adding shine between layers of colored polish.

Metallic Jelly Nails

This summer, quirky nail art will be popular, like the cherry nail designs. Aja Walton expects cherry and other funny designs to trend. If you’re not good at drawing, you can use nail decals and nail stickers at home.

Cherry Nail Designs

Walton also sees puffy nail art like cute heart designs becoming popular. These designs use soft gel nails that are dried under a UV lamp. Remember to tell your nail artist if you want a detailed design to avoid rushing the process.

Puffy Nail Art

Summer Nail 2024

The trend for summer 2024 is shifting. Instead of bright colors, we will see pastel nail colors take over. Walton predicts baby pink, mint green, and soft lemon yellow will be big next summer. These softer shades offer a refreshing change from the usual neons and brights we see.

Pastel Nail Colors

Soft nail colors are perfect for trying out monochromatic nails or a new French tips twist. They are great for a fashionable, yet simple, statement look.

Aqua Nail Colors

Ocean-inspired blues and greens are also big for summer 2024. Think of colors like aqua, seafoam, and cobalt blue. These shades, when worn all together, create a standout style. They also work well for reimagining the French manicure in a fresh way.


Next year’s nail trends range from sparkling metallic jelly nails to fun fruit designs. You can also go for light pastels or deep aqua blues. There’s something for everyone to show off their unique style.

Keep up with what’s hot in nail art and colors to be on point this summer. Try the latest like chrome 2.0 nails or fun cherry designs. You’ll be shining with confidence all summer.

Why not jump on the 2024 summer nail trend and try something new? Go bold with metallic jelly nails or something subtle like soft French pastels. These not-so-basic looks will definitely catch eyes and boost your mood. Let’s be our own nail artists and stand out with our nails this summer!

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