Pedicure 2024

Pedicure 2024

Pedicure 2024. How to take care of toenails?

Pedicure 2024 – taking care of your toenails is just as important as taking care of your fingernails.

Although toenails are usually hidden under socks and shoes, well-maintained toenails prevent problems such as fungal nail infections.

pedicure 2023
pedicure 2023

Nail cuticle care

Some aspects of toenail care are very obvious, such as cutting them properly, while others are less obvious.

The cuticles of your toenails need just as much care as your fingernails.

Tempted to just cut them off? this is not a good idea – it is better to leave the skins intact.

As with your toes, apply a good cuticle cream or foot cream and when they are soft, gently push them back with a stick of the right shape.

Don’t push them back too hard or too far, or they can tear, which can lead to infections and pain.

Nails must be cut straight.

The best time to trim them is when the nails are softer, after a bath or foot soak.

If you want them to be slightly curved, gently round the edges.

If you have difficulty trimming your toenails, have foot disease or a fungal infection, it is better to have your nails trimmed by a professional.

Improper nail trimming will cause additional problems that can be very painful.

How long should toenails be?

pedicure 2024

Ideally, leave 1-2 millimeters of nail when you trim them. Nails grow about 2mm per month, so it’s ideal to trim them every 4-8 weeks.

Pedicure 2023 and application of nail polish

If you use nail polish, make sure you remove the old polish properly with a mild cleanser, preferably acetone-free, as it can be very drying to your nails. Some nail polishes stain toenails if left on too long and can cause discoloration. It’s not harmful, but it can be a little unsightly. However, you should give your toenails a break from time to time. Ideally, leave them unvarnished for at least a week every now and then. This allows the nail to breathe and recover from the polish chemicals.

Toenail fungus causing thickening of the nails is surprisingly common. If you have this, it is best to have it treated by your doctor.

Ingrown toenails – pedicure 2023

pedicure 2023

Ingrown nails are often caused by poor nail trimming. Cutting them too short is one of the most common causes and can be very painful. The nail can dig into the side of the nail bed and cause infections, which can be very dangerous for people with conditions such as diabetes.

Foot and fingernail care is an integral part of a modern woman’s image.


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