Curly Jellyfish Haircut: A Trendy Style for Natural Waves

Curly Jellyfish Haircut: A Trendy Style for Natural Waves

The jellyfish haircut, also known as the “jellyfish bob,” is gaining popularity. Many love it, from celebs to people on TikTok, to those with a keen eye for fashion. It looks like a jellyfish, with a classic bob on top and long strands at the bottom. You can wear it in natural colors or add pops of bright tones.

You can wear it sleek or tousled. The jellyfish haircut is all about expressing yourself. It adds a twist to traditional styles and shows a new, artistic side.

Key Takeaways

  • The jellyfish haircut is a trendy style that mimics the shape of a jellyfish with a distinct top layer and longer, flowing bottom portion.
  • This cut can be styled in a variety of ways, from sleek and polished to tousled and textured.
  • The jellyfish haircut allows for self-expression and pushes the boundaries of traditional hairstyling.
  • The style has been embraced by celebrities, TikTok influencers, and fashion enthusiasts.
  • The curly jellyfish haircut is a versatile option for those with wavy tendrils and messy curly hair.

Embrace the Waves: The Curly Jellyfish Haircut Craze

The curly jellyfish haircut is becoming all the rage. TikTok user Mari Trombley, known as @sillyyerba, started the trend using #jellyfishhaircut. This style includes two layers. The top looks like a bob, and the bottom is long and flows, much like the Japanese hime cut. Doing this curly shag and voluminous layers style daily takes work. It’s not a quick wash-and-go. You’ll need extra time in the morning to style the tousled curls and textured waves, creating this messy curly hair look.

The jellyfish haircut showcases a blend of two unique curl styles. With wavy tendrils, it makes a bold statement. Fashion lovers and trend-setters are loving this style. Curly-haired folks use it to display their natural jellyfish haircut curly texture in a fun way.

jellyfish haircut curly: A Textured Look for Tousled Tresses

The jellyfish haircut is a mix of a mullet and a bowl cut. It looks a lot like a jellyfish’s shape. The top is short, like a jellyfish’s bell, and the bottom is longer, like tentacles.

Defining the Jellyfish Cut

The jellyfish haircut curly stands out. It’s loved by people with wavy or curly hair. The layers and different lengths give a thick, tousled look. This brings out the beauty of textured waves and messy curly hair.

Why Curly Girls Love It

Curly girls adore this cut. It shows off their natural locks in a big, tousled way. It fits with different face shapes, making it great for any curly hair style. A curly shag, curly bob, or shaggy curly style will look amazing with the jellyfish haircut curly. It highlights your wavy tendrils and curly bangs beautifully.

Face-Framing Shapes: Finding Your Perfect Jellyfish Cut

A jellyfish haircut looks great on anyone, but works best with round or diamond faces. It’s ideal for making faces look longer. If you’ve got a round or diamond face shape, consider the jellyfish haircut.

Round Face Shapes

A round face can benefit from a jellyfish haircut. Its layers and textures add angles, making your face seem longer and shapelier. With voluminous layers and tousled curls, this cut can balance a round face. It draws attention upwards, stretching the look of your face.

Oval Face Shapes

Even oval faces can shine with a jellyfish haircut. The cut’s textured waves and messy curly hair suit the natural oval shape, offering drama and flow. For ovals, a curly bob or shaggy curly style in the jellyfish cut works wonders.

If your face isn’t round or diamond-shaped, you can still rock a jellyfish haircut. Experiment with wavy tendrils or curly bangs to find your look. Remember, this cut can make faces look rounder. Be sure you like that effect before you get the haircut.

Styling Tips for Voluminous Curly Jellyfish Cuts

curly jellyfish haircut

Learning to style the curly jellyfish haircut is about finding what works for you. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, you can make it big and full of texture. First, figure out your hair type to choose the best methods.

Enhancing Natural Texture

If you’ve got curly hair, let it do its thing. Use a hydrating product like the All About Curls Wonder-Full Waves Gelee to give your curls life. It defines your curls and gives them that classic jellyfish bounce. This step is all about making your curls stand out and look full.

Maximizing Volume and Movement

Wavy hair is perfect for the curly shag jellyfish cut. A diffuser is your best friend here. It helps keep the natural bounce in your waves. If your hair is straight, though, here’s what to do: Use a round brush and blow dryer for the top. Then, add waves to the bottom for more volume. Finally, smoothen everything out with a flat iron for a polished look.

Celebrity Inspiration: Curly Jellyfish Haircuts on the Red Carpet

The jellyfish haircut is a big trend with celebrities. Nicole Kidman and Joan Smalls, for instance, have shown off this look at big events. Everyone from Kidman with her bold red hair to Smalls with her long locks makes this style their own. This shows how the curly jellyfish haircut fits many tastes.

Celebs are loving the curly shag and voluminous layers look. They are playing with tousled curls and textured waves. Their embrace of messy curly hair with the jellyfish cut creates a stunning effect. This unique style surely grabs attention, making fans want to try their own curly bob or shaggy curly style.

Want to look like a star with wavy tendrils or curly bangs? The jellyfish haircut is your chance to shine and show your style. By using the right techniques and hair products, this bold look can become more casual. This way, it suits everyone’s unique flair and taste.

Curly Shag Meets Jellyfish: A Hybrid Trend

curly shag style

The curly jellyfish haircut mixes elements of the curly shag with a unique twist. It keeps the natural texture and volume of curly hair. This style lets curly-haired people play with new shapes and looks.

Combining Edgy and Effortless

This style is bold yet casual – perfect for breaking away from the usual. It mixes the cool, disconnected layers of the jellyfish with a laid-back shag. This blend happens in a way that fits different face shapes, letting curly-haired folks find their perfect style.

By blending the jellyfish and shag, it’s easy to make a standout appearance. This mix offers a range of styles, from neat to wild and everything in between. It’s a great option for anyone wanting a unique, eye-catching look.

Maintaining Your Curly Jellyfish Cut

Keeping your curly jellyfish haircut stylish takes some extra care. Celebrity stylist Jennifer Korab says regular trims are crucial. They keep the cut looking sharp and precise, just how you want it.

Trim Schedules

Korab advises trimming your hair every 6 to 8 weeks. This keeps the top layer looking neat and prevents the long, wavy tendrils from getting out of control.

Hydrating Products

Along with trims, using the right products is important for tousled curls and textured waves. Korab recommends a heat protectant to shield your messy curly hair from styling tools and reduce damage. For shaggy curly style maintenance, she suggests a hydrating serum like Pureology Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum. This keeps the voluminous layers of your curly jellyfish haircut in check.

The Versatility of the Curly Jellyfish Cut

The curly jellyfish haircut is a cool style that fits many occasions. You can make it look fancy or keep it casual. The style can go from neat and shiny to relaxed and easy.

Dress It Up or Down

Celebs, like Lily Collins, show us how to wear this jellyfish cut in a soft way. Others choose a bolder, more dramatic look. This cut lets you make it your own, matching your style. Whether it’s chic or laid-back, it works.

Accessorizing Your Look

You can add your touch to this cut with fun accessories. Think headbands, clips, or even bright colors. It goes from sleek to playful in a snap. Trend lovers and fashion fans adore its ability for creativity.


The curly jellyfish haircut is a cool and striking style. It’s caught the eye of many, including famous people, leaders in style, and fans of fashion. This cut, with its clear layers, waved texture, and big body, lets those with curls show off their natural look. It’s a way to stand out. You can go for a smooth and neat style or something more laid-back and casual.

Working with a good hair stylist is key. They can help you pick the best products and methods to boost your natural waves. This will help you achieve an amazing curly jellyfish cut. People will definitely notice you. Go ahead and embrace this shaggy curly style. Become a messy curly hair star with this up-to-date, flexible haircut.

The jellyfish haircut curly means more than just a new hairstyle. It’s a chance to show who you are. So, be brave and give the curly bob or wavy tendrils a try. Let your voluminous layers and tousled curls leave a big mark.


What is a jellyfish haircut?

The jellyfish haircut is also called the “jellyfish bob” or “jelly bob.” It’s a hip hairstyle with a bob-like top layer. The lower layer is longer and flows, just like a jellyfish.

What is a curly jellyfish haircut?

The curly jellyfish style is a twist on the classic look. It celebrates curls and volume. Imagine the top layer looking like a bob while the lower layer flows with curls or waves.

How is the curly jellyfish haircut different from a curly shag?

People often see the curly jellyfish cut and the curly shag as similar. Both like natural texture. But, the jellyfish style stands out with unique layering. The top is like a bob but the lower part flows long. This creates a special shape.

What face shapes work best with the curly jellyfish haircut?

The curly jellyfish looks good on many face shapes but shines on round or diamond shapes. It can make these faces look longer. For other shapes, adding bangs or special styling can really make it work too.

How do you style a curly jellyfish haircut?

Styling depends on your hair type. Curly types need a product to boost volume. Use gel or mousse for a perfect shape. Wavy hair styling is about enhancing its natural bounce with a diffuser. Straight hair can use a blow dryer and round brush for the top. Then, a wand or flat iron adds texture at the bottom.

How often should you trim a curly jellyfish haircut?

For the jellyfish cut to always look sharp, a trim every six to eight weeks is best. This keeps the top precise and clean.

Can the curly jellyfish haircut be dressed up or down?

Definitely, the curly jellyfish style is super versatile. It can be chic or casual, depending on how you style it. This makes it perfect for many occasions.

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