Trendy Jellyfish Haircut: The Ultimate Chic Style for 2024

Trendy Jellyfish Haircut: The Ultimate Chic Style for 2024

The jellyfish haircut is a hot new hairstyle. It mixes a stylish blunt bob with a fun mullet for a bold, unique look. Think of it like a jellyfish, with shorter layers on top and longer ones below, much like a jellyfish’s dome and tentacles.

This look is becoming very popular on TikTok. It has over 3.7 billion views there. Plus, it’s expected to be searched 615% more on Pinterest in 2024. People love its “squishy” look inspired by the sea creature.

Key Takeaways

  • The jellyfish haircut blends a blunt bob with a mullet for a dramatic, disconnected look.
  • It features short, blunt layers on top and long, textured layers on the bottom.
  • The style has gained massive popularity on TikTok and is predicted to see a surge in searches on Pinterest in 2024.
  • The “squishy aesthetic” inspired by the sea creature is driving the rising popularity of this trend.
  • The jellyfish haircut offers a unique opportunity for self-expression and experimentation.

What is the Jellyfish Haircut?

The jellyfish haircut takes cues from the Japanese hime (or “princess”) cut. It mixes a blunt, bob-length fringe in the front with long, flowing layers in the back. This look merges the clear lines of a bob and adds some shagginess and texture, reminiscent of a mullet.

Drawing Inspiration from Japanese Hime Cut

This style combines a short, blunt top with a long, wispy bottom. It creates a look resembling a jellyfish. By mixing the hime cut with elements from modern cuts, it becomes unique and enticing.

Blend of Bob and Mullet Styles

In the jellyfish haircut, you’ll see a mix of a bob‘s structure and a mullet‘s textures. This blending creates a disconnected, bold appearance. It merges classic with contemporary styles, making it stand out.

Short Blunt Top, Long Textured Bottom

The haircut’s standout aspect is the sharp contrast between its parts. The short, blunt top layer and the long, textured bottom layer shape its unique silhouette. The jellyfish gets its name from this striking variation.

The Rise of the Jellyfish Haircut Trend

The jellyfish haircut is making waves on TikTok, with over 3.7 billion views. This funky cut mixes short and long hair, capturing the hearts of Gen Z and Millennial users. It’s part of the “squishy aesthetic,” inspired by the sea, which is becoming huge in fashion and beauty. Pinterest predicts searches for the jellyfish cut will jump by 615% in 2024.

How the Jellyfish Haircut Differs from Mullet and Shag

The jellyfish haircut is a mix of mullet and shag hairstyles but with a unique twist. It has a striking, disconnected look. The top is short while the bottom is long. This contrast is more extreme than what you see in a mullet or a shag. It gives the style an edge, making it very avant-garde. This style keeps the top and bottom layers completely different, unlike the softer mix of a shag.

More Dramatic and Disconnected Look

The jellyfish haircut really stands out from the mullet and shag because of the extreme difference between the layers. It mixes a short, neat top with a long, textured bottom. This creates a unique and noticeable style. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to make a fashion statement.

FeatureJellyfish HaircutMulletShag
LayersShort, blunt top layers; long, textured bottom layersShort top layers; long, shaggy bottom layersGradual, blended layers throughout
ContrastDramatic, disconnected contrast between top and bottomPronounced contrast between top and bottomSubtle, blended contrast
AestheticAvant-garde, bold, and statement-makingRetro, edgy, and rebelliousLaidback, tousled, and effortless

Asking for the Jellyfish Haircut at the Salon

shorter top layer longer bottom layer

When you ask for the jellyfish cut, come with pictures. Your stylist will do better if they see what you want. Be specific to make sure they get it right.

Bring Reference Pictures

Bring lots of pictures showing different angles of the jellyfish cut. Choose ones that match your hair type. This will help your stylist make it perfect for you.

Shorter Top Layer, Longer Bottom Layer

The haircut starts by cutting the top layer short all around. This makes it look like a bob or bowl cut. The bottom layer stays long, making it look like jellyfish tentacles. Make sure to tell your stylist about this top-short, bottom-long look.

Who Suits the Jellyfish Haircut

The jellyfish haircut is perfect for various hair types and textures. It fits different hair thickness and shapes well, making it great for many people.

Adaptable for Different Hair Types and Textures

If you have thicker hair, this look keeps your hair light and not bulky. For those with finer hair, adding blunt layers makes it appear full and healthy. So, you can adjust this jellyfish haircut to match your hair perfectly.

Flattering for Round and Square Face Shapes

This style shines on folks with round or square face shapes. It makes your face look longer and softer, which is very flattering. Also, the mix of short and long layers can highlight or soften features, giving you just the look you want.

The jellyfish haircut is quite versatile. It can be changed to fit different hair types and face shapes, offering a unique and statement look for many.

Maintaining the Jellyfish Haircut

jellyfish haircut maintenance

The jellyfish haircut is actually easy to take care of every day. You can get the look you want with little styling work. But, you have to see a stylist every 6-8 weeks. This is key to keep the short parts and long parts looking sharp. As the top gets longer, you might lose the cool jellyfish style. Getting regular trims will help your haircut stay on point.

Low-Maintenance Daily Styling

This haircut is perfect for people who love low effort styles. You can easily create its natural, textured vibe at home. This means you look great with little daily work.

Regular Trims Every 6-8 Weeks

Keeping up with jellyfish haircut shape means seeing your stylist often. Every 6-8 weeks is a good time. During this time, top layers might grow out. This can make the style look less cool. Seeing your stylist regularly will maintain your jellyfish look perfect.

Styling Tips for the Jellyfish Haircut

Taking on the jellyfish haircut at home needs some specific ways to keep its look. You should use heat protectant products to avoid hair damage. This is especially important when you use heat to style.

Use Heat Protectant Products

Blow-dry the top layers with a round brush for more volume. For the bottom parts, make them sleek by flat ironing. Always put on a heat protectant product before you start. This keeps your hair healthy while styling.

Try Heatless Styling Options

A heatless styling method is to braid wet hair before bed. When you undo the braids next morning, you get pretty waves. This works great with the jellyfish cut’s messy yet cool style.

Add Texture with Dry Shampoo and Styling Paste

To up the jellyfish haircut’s look, try texturizing products like dry shampoo and paste. They give your hair more grit, volume, and shape. These products are perfect for achieving the haircut’s tousled charm.

Experiment with Temporary Hair Color

Not done yet? Why not try temporary hair color to highlight your layers? Bright colors or bold highlights can make your jellyfish cut stand out even more. It’s a fun way to play around with this eye-catching style.

Jellyfish Haircut Inspiration

The jellyfish haircut is a major hit with people who love unique hairstyles. It mixes the bob’s neat shape with the mullet’s flowing layers. It has truly become a bold choice in the world of fashion. Look at some cool examples if you’re thinking of trying out this trend. They show how versatile and stylish the jellyfish haircut can be.

Jellyfish Haircut InspirationKey Features
Layered Lob with Blunt FringeIt has layers that are slightly apart, a blunt front that’s chin-length, and long, fine ends. The mix gives a fresh, feathered look.
Beach Waves and Tousled TextureThe style features easy, tousled waves. It embodies the shaggy, textured jellyfish vibe.
Asymmetrical Angled BangsIt includes bold, angled bangs. They bring an edgy, messy fringe to the jellyfish style.
Vibrant Hair Color AccentsIt has bright touches, like deep blues or lively greens. These colors highlight the layered volume and textured tips of the jellyfish cut.

These jellyfish haircut styles range from elegant to free-spirited. They show there’s a lot you can do with this eye-catching style. You might like the sharp look of a bob or the fun vibe of a mullet. There’s a jellyfish style that will match your hair and your taste perfectly.

Celebrities Rocking the Jellyfish Haircut

The jellyfish haircut is gaining fame, and celebs are jumping on board. Zendaya, known for Euphoria, stunned everyone with her take at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show in Paris. This jellyfish look was truly something new and bold.

Zendaya’s Haute Couture Jellyfish Look

Zendaya’s version had a short, sharp fringe in front and long layers in the back. It showed off the daring and creative side of the jellyfish hairstyle. Her choice to wear this stunning style at such a big event shows that the jellyfish haircut is a fashion-forward choice.

The Jellyfish Haircut Trend for 2024

The jellyfish haircut 2024 trend is becoming a big hit. It’s inspired by jellyfish and other sea creatures. People are loving its unique look. It’s gaining a lot of attention on TikTok and Pinterest.

This style mixes short and long layers. It gives you a chance to be creative with your look. Whether you like a short fringe up front or long, wavy layers, there’s lots of ways to make it your own.

As more people love the “squishy aesthetic,” the jellyfish haircut will shine in 2024. It attracts those who love to be ahead in fashion and others looking for something new. Its eye-catching design fits many different hair types. This trend is one to watch for next year.


The jellyfish haircut mixes old styles like bobs and mullets for a new, cool look. It’s inspired by the sea creature, featuring short layers on top and long layers below. This style has become very popular in the beauty world.

It’s getting big on social media and is expected to explode in 2024. The jellyfish haircut lets you show your unique style. This year, it’s the perfect chic hairstyle to try. The “squishy aesthetic” has everyone’s attention, making it an ideal look to go for, standing out and being noticed.

The jellyfish haircut shows how fashion trends change over time. Mixing old and new styles, it creates a stunning yet personal look. It’s perfect for those on the cutting edge of fashion or anyone looking for something new.


What is the Jellyfish Haircut?

The Jellyfish Haircut combines a blunt bob with a fun mullet style. This merges style is inspired by jellyfish. It offers a unique, disconnected look.

What are the key features of the Jellyfish Haircut?

This hairstyle has short, blunt layers on top. The bottom features long, textured layers. It mimics a jellyfish, with its ‘body’ and ‘tentacles’.

How is the Jellyfish Haircut different from other styles like the Mullet and Shag?

It’s different from the shag because it clearly separates the top and bottom layers. This creates a more unique and bold effect. The style is more dramatic and disconnected.

How can I request the Jellyfish Haircut at the salon?

Showing many pictures to your stylist is a good idea. This helps them understand what you want. They will cut the top shorter and the bottom longer to make your hair look like a jellyfish.

Who can pull off the Jellyfish Haircut?

This haircut can work for many hair and face types. It adds volume for thick hair and makes finer hair look fuller and healthier. It looks especially good on round or square faces by adding length or softening their look.

How do I style the Jellyfish Haircut at home?

Use heat protectant to keep your hair looking great. Blow-dry with a round brush for movement and body. Use a flat iron for definition. You can also braid damp hair for waves. Texturizing products like dry shampoo are great for its shaggy look.

How often do I need to visit the salon to maintain the Jellyfish Haircut?

You should see your stylist every 6-8 weeks. This keeps the dramatic look fresh. It maintains the difference between the short and long layers.

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